I got scammed

If you transferred funds to a third party that did not provide a service or product, you should be aware that we are not responsible for such operations (we warn users about this in the rules of the service, as well as in various forms on the site), but you can contact us for support, depending on the situation, we may be able to influence the process of blocking the fraudster’s details, etc.

Exchange order questions


Made a transfer with Perfect Money, but the order does not change its status or has been deleted

PM may have frozen your payment due to the use of a VPN, according to clause 4.8. PM systеm rules.

The intelligent anti-fraud systеm may have regarded your transfer as suspicious and redirected it to operators for manual processing and checking for the legality, which takes a little longer than automatic transfer. In a situation where your transfer is a little delayed, then do not worry. After checking the payment and receiving confirmation of its legitimacy, the funds will be credited to the recipient’s account.

Indirect signs why a transaction may be subject to verification:

  1. The amount is received and withdrawn immediately.
  2. About 100% of funds are transferred.
  3. Unusual login (different IP, VPN, browser).
  4. Frequent changes of browser, and IP.
  5. Not all account security methods are enabled.

I paid for the exchange order, when will it be completed?

The time limit for conducting transactions in automatic directions: is up to 30 minutes, in manual directions: depending on the direction of the exchange (information on the maximum terms is provided in the description of the exchange).


I paid for the order, but it is in the status of “Remote exchange order”, what should I do?

If funds have been withdrawn from you (from a card, or wallet), and the order is in the “Remote exchange order” status, most likely the transaction either did not appear on the network at that time, or did not receive the required number of confirmations, or was frozen by your PS.

You need to contact technical support in Live chat or send an email to our mail (indicated in the header of the site). Indicate the number of your exchange order (operation) and explain the essence of the problem by attaching the hash of the transaction or its other identifier. In this case, the operator will check the crediting of your exchange order and make a recalculation with subsequent payment.


How long do to wait for network confirmations?

The speed of confirmation depends on many factors, such as the workload of the network itself, the amount of the commission indicated during the transfer, the speed of the Internet connection, etc.

On average, transaction confirmation lasts from 30 minutes to several hours. But sometimes confirmation can be expected from 2 to 14 days if the network is overloaded.


30 minutes have passed and the request has not been completed

If the order has the status “Paid exchange order” for 30 minutes or more, make sure that the service is now working hours. If the delay occurs during business hours, write to us in Live Chat and we will check what the problem is.


Exchange order in the status “Waiting for confirmation from the merchant”

This status indicates that the systеm sees your transfer, but it does not yet have the required amount of network confirmation. As soon as this happens, the status will change, and the exchange order will be executed following the regulations specified in the description of the exchange. If you see that the order has already received the number of network confirmations required for our service, write to us in Live Chat, indicating the exchange order number.


I created an exchange order for one course, but the amount came for another

Some directions, for example, those related to receiving/sending cryptocurrencies, have different exchange conditions from others: the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency is fixed at the time the funds are credited to our details (after the required number of confirmations from the network)..

Registration and login


How to make an exchange?

To make an exchange, click on the “exchange” button in the menu section, and sеlect the direction that suits you: what you want to exchange – in the “give” column, and what you want to receive – in the “receive” section.

Further, according to the instructions, fill in all the required fields and personal data. Check the correctness of the data entered and click on the “Exchange” button. After creating an exchange order, you will have access to the “Go to details” button for automatic exchange directions or please contact the operator in the chat for details for manual exchange directions.


A registration confirmation link was not received

Letters are sent automatically, but it happens that mail servers consider them spam, so check the folder with the same name, if it is not there or there is a problem with account activation, contact us in Live Chat.


Rate fixing rules for cryptocurrencies read in full
Deposit rules read in full

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