The service provides services on the basis of the terms, conditions and rules contained in this offer. The User needs to carefully read all the clauses of this Agreement, since by using certain services of the Service, he confirms that he understands and accepts this Agreement and additional documents. Otherwise, the use of the services of the Service is impossible. The fact of creating an Application means that the User accepts the terms of this offer.

Also, this Agreement provides for the transfer by the User of any clarifying information if the Service deems it necessary for the performance of a particular operation.

The rules that govern our Service are posted on the website and are available for general review.

Main terms:

1.1. BTC2PAY Service (hereinafter referred to as the Service) is an online platform that provides currency exchange services to both individuals and legal entities. These services are available through a special software complex located at
1.2. User is an individual or legal entity that fully agrees with all the conditions of this agreement and uses the services of the Service.
1.3. Payment systеm is software created by a third party that allows the tracking of digital monetary units, electronic money, and other financial obligations.
1.4. Electronic money (digital currency, tokens) is a digital form of monetary or other financial obligations that arise between users of the currency and its creators.
1.5. Operations (payments, transactions) refer to the transfer of digital currency (electronic money) from the sender’s account to the recipient’s account.
1.6. Request is a specific request of a visitor to the website, which is expressed by providing relevant information and agreeing to the rules of this offer. To do this, the User must fill out a special electronic form located on the website.

Main principles:

2.1. This agreement includes the text of other articles, links to which are published in the “Site Rules” section on the website, namely:

2.2. This offer regulates the relationship between the User and the Service and cancels all previous agreements between the Service and the User regarding this subject matter.

2.3. This agreement does not cancel the existing legislation of the countries in which the Service and the User are registered, as well as contractual relations between the User and electronic payment systems.

2.4. Other information on the website, including the data specified in the application, is also a public offer.

2.5. The date and time of acceptance, as well as the parameters of the application conditions, are automatically recorded at the moment of the application formation completion.

2.6. The period for the User to accept the Service’s offer to enter into a transaction under the conditions described in the application is 30 minutes from the moment of its formation completion. After this period, the application is canceled.

2.7. The agreement terminates upon receipt by the Service of the electronic units in the amount indicated in the User’s application to the details provided by them or upon cancellation of the application.

2.8. The Service and the User acknowledge that this electronic agreement has legal force equivalent to a written agreement.

2.9. The Service has the right to unilaterally make changes to this agreement without notifying the User, but with mandatory publication of its current version on this page.

Privacy Policy:

3.1. Personal data is necessary for working on the website and will be encrypted and kept confidential, except in cases described in section 3.3 of the agreement.

3.2. Additional data may be collected, but will not be disclosed to third parties, except in cases described in section 3.3.

3.3. Personal data and information about user transactions may be disclosed to law enforcement agencies, courts, or electronic payment systems upon official request or for internal investigations, and must be truthful when filling out the application form.

3.4. False information provided by the user may lead to the cancellation of the application and the deduction of fees. Additionally, the user agrees to provide only an up-to-date email address in the application, which enables sending and receiving emails.

3.5. Personal data will be stored in the database for two years after the last transaction.

Subject of agreement:

4.1. Using the technical tools of the Service, the User submits an application for the purchase or sale of electronic units. The Service carries out the exchange of funds and transfers the monetary equivalent to the requisites specified by the User.

4.2. Any additional benefit received by the Service as a result of the actions specified in clause 4.1 is transferred to as a commission payment for providing services.

Terms of Service:

5.1. Request processing is carried out by the Service in compliance with the privacy policy (see section 3 of this agreement) and the policy against money laundering and illegal operations (see section 6 of this agreement).

5.2. The User can order services, manage the transaction process, and receive information on its progress only through the corresponding user interface provided by the Service.

5.3. All operations with electronic units are accounted for by the Service in accordance with the rules and regulations of the corresponding Payment systems.

5.4. Any completed operation conducted by the Service on the User’s request is considered irrevocable, i.e. it cannot be canceled after completion.

5.5. If the User does not transfer electronic units within 30 minutes after accepting the requisites provided by the Service in the request, the agreement is considered terminated. In this case, if the electronic units are received after the specified period, they will be returned to the sender’s requisites within 24 hours, minus commission costs for the transfer, which will be paid by the User. The Service is not responsible for delays in returns if they are not caused by its fault.

5.6. If the User confirms payment in manually processed operations without the fact of receiving electronic units by the Service, the performer has the right to block the client’s requisites for violation.

5.7. In order for the Application to be processed by the Service, the User must transfer the amount of funds sufficient to make the payment to the account of the Service within the established time limits. It should be noted that the Service is not responsible for violation of the terms by the User’s bank or other payment service providers.

5.8. The user must make sure that the data that he indicates in the form of a payment order is correct and up-to-date. The payment will be considered valid if it is made according to the data provided by the User, even if they contain an error.

5.9. When forming an Application for withdrawal of funds, the User must make sure that all the data are specified correctly and in full. The Service is not responsible for transferring money to a person other than the one specified in the application if the User has provided incorrect details. In such a situation, the User has the right to contact the user support chat. The service may contribute to solving the problem, but does not guarantee a successful result.

5.10. If the amount of electronic units received from the User differs from that specified in the request, the Service must consider this as the User’s instruction to recalculate the request based on the actual amount of electronic units received. If the amount of received electronic units differ from the declared amount by more than 10%, the Service may refuse to execute the request and return the received funds to the sender’s requisites within 24 hours, minus commission costs for the transfer, which will be paid by the User. The Service is not responsible for delays in returns if they are not caused by its fault.

5.11. If the monetary equivalent is not sent to the requisites specified by the User within 24 hours after the start of the agreement and if there are no reasons for blocking electronic units received under the Request, the User may demand termination of the agreement, cancellation of their request, and the return of electronic units minus commission costs for the transfer.

5.12. The Service has the right to engage third-party performers to fulfill its obligations.

5.13. The Service may cancel a transaction and return electronic units and/or financial resources deposited by the User without reimbursing the User for any fees charged by electronic payment systems without explanation.

5.14. The Service may refuse to provide further services to the User if the User violates any provision of this Agreement.

5.15. In the event of the Service’s refusal to provide further services to the User, the Service notifies the User of its decision by email, after which the User’s account and all of their current requests are frozen. The Service then returns the electronic units received for the request to the sender’s details within 24 hours of the refusal. When returned, all commission expenses for the transfer of electronic units are debited from the funds received from the User.

5.16. The Service refuses to provide services to Users who are citizens or residents of countries that are currently under sanctions or embargo by the governmental authorities of Ukraine. The complete list of countries can be found at this link. By using our services, the User declares and guarantees that they are not a citizen or resident of a forbidden country. If it is established that the User is a citizen or resident of a forbidden country, the Service reserves the right to immediately and without notice terminate the User’s use of our services.

5.17. The Service has the right to deduct the commission fee or the amount of cancellation from the active applications of the User. If the funds are less than required, the Service has the right to refuse to complete the relevant transaction or provide services to the User as a whole.

5.18. In the event that the User has a debt to the Service, the Service has the right to deduct the required amount from the current application of the User, if any. The Service also has the right to use the services of debt collection services or use other means available to it to recover funds.

5.19. The Service has the right to reimburse the cost of lawyers’ services or other costs associated with the execution of this Agreement, if it deems it necessary.


6.1. The service provides its services around the clock, without weekends.

6.2. For some requests, the service may specify unique conditions for providing services.

6.3. By using the service, the user agrees that the service’s liability is limited to the amount received from the user to perform the services and that the service does not provide additional guarantees and does not assume additional responsibility towards the user. Similarly, the user does not assume additional responsibility towards the service, except for cases specified in the AML policy.

6.4. The service is not responsible for losses, lost profits, and other expenses incurred as a result of the inability to access the site and the service’s services, or as a result of delays, errors, or failures in conducting bank payments or electronic transfers.

6.5. The service will not be liable for the user’s losses, lost profits, and other expenses that may arise due to incorrect expectations of the user regarding tariffs, transaction profitability, and other subjective factors.

6.6. If the user provides incorrect data when filling out information about the sender or recipient’s payment details, the site is not responsible for any adverse consequences or losses that may result from such an error.

6.7. By using the site’s services, the user undertakes to independently pay taxes in accordance with the tax legislation of the country of his/her residence. The site is not a tax agent and will not notify the user of possible tax expenses.

6.8. The user guarantees that he/she will compensate the site’s losses (including the management company, directors, and employees) associated with claims or lawsuits that may be directly or indirectly related to the user’s use of the site’s services, except for losses caused by the site’s wrongful actions.

6.9. The user guarantees that he/she is the owner of the funds used in his/her transactions or has the right to dispose of them. In addition, the user undertakes that the accounts whose details he/she indicated in the application belong personally to him/her. Transfers of funds in favor of third parties are strictly prohibited by the service.

6.10. The user undertakes not to use the services of the website for fraudulent or illegal operations and agrees that any attempt to exchange fraudulent funds will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The user’s actions may be illegal in accordance with the legislation of the country of residence of the user and/or the country where the service is registered.

6.11. The Service does not issue checks and receipts at the request of the User.

6.12. The Service releases itself from liability in case of using its services for business or commercial purposes. Also, the Service is not responsible for lost profits or business opportunities for the User.

6.13. The Service and its affiliates are released from liability for the impossibility of performing certain services or violation of the terms of their performance as a result of circumstances that the Service cannot influence.

6.14. Each user must comply with the laws, not interfere with the software and hardware of the service, and not make changes to communication flows related to the operation of the service. The user understands that any actions that disrupt the normal operation of the service will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and the execution of the order will be immediately suspended.

6.15. The user acknowledges that the content of the service’s website is subject to the protection of legislation on the protection of property rights, intellectual property, and copyright. Unauthorized use of the content of the website is prohibited.

6.16. The parties – the user and the service – are not responsible to each other for the non-performance of obligations in the event of force majeure circumstances, including natural disasters, fires, floods, terrorist acts, civil unrest, changes in power, as well as for malfunctions in the operation of electronic payment systems, power supply systems, communication networks, and internet service providers.

6.17. The funds transferred by the user to electronic payment systems and/or financial institutions are under their exclusive responsibility. The service cannot be held responsible for the incorrect or illegal use of the capabilities of electronic payment systems by the user or for the abuse of the functionality of electronic payment systems. The relationship between the user and the electronic payment systеm and/or financial institution is governed by agreements between them.

User Account Security:

7.1. The user needs to ensure the security of his account. The service offers to use recommendations for managing passwords, as well as periodically change the password and not reuse it on other Internet sites.

7.2. If the User has received a request to provide personal data or an account password from third parties, he should immediately contact the user support chat.

7.3. The user should note that password resets can only be done via email. Therefore, you must provide the Service with a valid email address that is currently accessible. In the event that the User suspects that the e-mail address may be used by third parties, he must notify the user support service about this.

7.4. The user should refuse to use functions that allow the browser or computer to remember or cache his personal data or passwords, as this makes it possible for third parties to use them.

7.5. The user has the right to make a payment that allows you to cancel the transaction, or make another chargeback. However, this Agreement provides only two situations in which it is possible to use this function:
⁃ Service violated this agreement;
⁃ the User’s payment instrument was used without his consent (at the same time, the User provided the service with reliable evidence of this incident).

7.6. The account password and application number are confidential information. Providing access to the account to third parties or gaining access to it in the presence of these persons may result in financial losses, the responsibility for which lies solely with the User.

7.7. The user needs to change the password as soon as possible and write to the user support chat in case he suspects that his account information has been stolen and / or used without his knowledge. The user is personally responsible for financial losses that may arise as a result of late notification or failure to notify the Service about the situation.

7.8. Any and all losses associated with technological attacks or malicious software that may affect the operation of your equipment and the use of the Service’s services are beyond the responsibility of the Service.

7.9. The Service cannot exercise control over all websites that are linked from the official website of the Service. Accordingly, the Service is not responsible for their content or costs that may arise when using such Internet resources.

Resolution of claims and disputes:

8.1. Any conflicts related to the provision of services by the Service to the User are resolved through communication between the User and the Service administration based on the terms of this User Agreement.

8.2. All complaints related to this User Agreement can be sent in electronic format to the email address indicated on the Service’s website.

8.3. In case negotiations do not lead to the resolution of the issues at hand, disputes are resolved in accordance with the legislation of the country where the Service is registered.

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