Orders that require payment by the operator will be transferred to processing at 9:00 Kiev time



You can change the details on the Order only through the e-mail specified by you when creating the Exchange order! This measure is necessary so that we can identify you as the creator of the Exchange order.

The letter must be sent to [email protected] from the mail you wrote when creating the Exchange order. The letter must contain:

  • Subject – the number of your Order
  • Text – new details (or details for return)

After we receive your letter, the operator will manually make a payment (or Refund) on the Exchange order.

If you have specified an e-mail where you can only view incoming messages (and cannot send them) – contact the customer support chat, after which a text-character code will be sent to your e-mail, which you will duplicate in the operator’s chat.

If you have specified an incorrect/erroneous/one-time e-mail, changing the details is possible only through a video confirmation of the transaction (Google Drive link).

Video requirements:

  • The video must be taken from the platform you are using.
  • In the video, we need to see how you open the transaction history and see it in detail. This information is necessary to confirm that this deposit was made by you. Should be clearly visible: sender address, hash, ticker, number and date of the transaction.
  • The video must be of good quality, clear and at least 10 seconds long.
  • When shooting a video, you need to refresh the page.
  • The video must be uploaded to Google Drive, the file must be accessible.
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