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The procedure for issuing cash takes place in several stages:

  1. Creation and payment of the exchange order. First of all, you need to create an exchange request with the obligatory indication of the Telegram ID. If you have any questions regarding the exchange and the transaction, you can write to us in the chat.
  2. Crediting funds to our wallet, automatic fixing of the exchange rate, and recalculation of the exchange order. Please note that all commissions are taken into account when creating an exchange order.
  3. After paying for the exchange order, our manager contacts you via Telegram to agree on the details, code, and place of the transaction. Depending on the city, the delivery method can be an office, a currency exchange office, or a courier.
    Attention! You do not need to search for our contact on the Internet or Telegram on your own, as you can fall for scammers.
  4. You drive up to the place of issue (even if the method of the issue is by courier) and pick up cash. Documents and identity cards are not required, only a unique code that our manager told you.
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cash withdrawal rules

Exchange rules

Fixing the course:
The rate is fixed at the moment the funds are credited (for Cryptocurrency – after receiving the required number of network confirmations according to the WhiteBit exchange rates with a time lag of up to 2 minutes). Cryptocurrency is very volatile, so the course when creating an exchange order on the site is for informational purposes only and is intended to guide the User.

The minimum exchange amount and the amount of additional commission:
The minimum exchange amount is 10,000 USD equivalent, but in some cities, it can be higher or lower (write to us in the chat for clarification). All commissions are already taken into account in the direction of the exchange. Additional commission is possible if the exchange amount is less than the minimum amount.
Now the following options are available for withdrawals in Ukraine:

  • Withdrawals of amounts ranging from 3000 to 10000 USD (or their equivalents in other currencies) are possible, with a corresponding commission of 10 USD, 10 EUR, or 400 UAH.
  • In the event that a withdrawal of less than 3000 dollars (or its equivalent in other currencies) is required, a commission of 20 USD, 20 EUR, or 800 UAH is applicable.

Issue terms:
After receiving payment from you, we transfer the exchange order to our specialist, who will contact you and discuss the details of the exchange. Depending on the city, issuance takes place within 24 hours (order status “paid”), and the maximum payment time in some cases may long for 72 hours.

Issuing city:
You can see all relevant cities for cash withdrawal in the corresponding field when creating an exchange order. If you do not find your city, please contact the chat, we may be able to issue, but with a tariff adjustment due to low demand.

Issuance of new sample banknotes in Ukraine (“blue USD”):
In Ukraine, an additional commission is applied for the issuance of blue USD, ranging from 0.5% (0.5% – in cities like Kyiv, 0.7% – in cities like Kyiv Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa, and Dnipro) to 1%. Please confirm the possibility of issuance and the exact commission amount with the operator in the chat before proceeding with the transaction.

Issuing EUR in Specific Banknotes:
On our website, the exchange rate is listed for a mix of banknotes. If you require specific banknotes (e.g., 50s or 100s), we can check their availability for you. However, please note that issuing specific banknotes may require an additional fee.

Peculiarities of issuing by courier:
Delivery is done via a token: the customer sends a photo of the banknote to our specialist. When receiving cash, the courier verifies the banknote’s serial number with the provided photo and hands over the funds. Typically, the courier delivers cash to the customer while in their vehicle, the customer’s vehicle, or outdoors, without waiting for the customer to count the funds. Additionally, the customer can always contact us via Telegram to resolve any issues or questions.

Features of Exchange Point/Office Issuance:
In front of the customer, currency is counted using a counting machine, and funds are issued, similar to a physical currency exchange. The customer can quickly recount the money and rеplace a banknote if it doesn’t meet their expectations, provided it doesn’t take up much time. Additionally, the customer can always reach out to us via Telegram to address any issues or questions.

Cryptocurrency AML verification:
All incoming cryptocurrency transactions are verified by the AML Bot of the WhiteBit exchange.

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