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The BTC2PAY.ORG service gives cash prizes to its users.

To participate in the draw, make an successful exchange and leave a review about our service on BestChange. A comment can be left on the Russian and international versions of the monitoring.

Attention! In order for the BTC2pay team to take into account your feedback, the email address in the application and on the BestChange website must match.

To increase your chances of winning, leave more positive feedback about successful B2P cryptocurrency exchanges. The application number and IP address must be unique, and the same email can only be used once a day. DO NOT use temporary or disposable emails! In this case, the monitoring administration may remove your reviews.

On Tuesday, using a randomizer, we’ll raffle money among the participants and launch the next round of our contest.

We publish the video of the randomizer, the names of the winners, and updates on the conditions of the draw on our Telegram channel.

How is the prize fund formed?

Each positive comment increases the prize amount by 1 USDT.

At the end of the week, the names of 3 lucky winners will be announced. The 1st one will take 60% of the fund, the 2nd one takes 30%, and the 3rd winner gets 10%. If a winning comment is longer than 200 characters(excluding spaces), the winner’s name will automatically be featured in the entry list for three times the following week.

To ensure that you don’t miss your name in the list of lucky ones, be sure to subscribe to our Telegram channel!

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