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Great news for OPTIMISM fans — the scalable L2 network platform for Ethereum. The native token of this blockchain is now available for exchange on the BTC2PAY service.

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Right now, our website offers 7,649 conversion options, including cash exchange with the possibility of withdrawal in major cities around the world.

Hurry up and take advantage of this new exchange direction while the BTC2PAY team is working on the next pleasant updates and integrations.

Interesting Facts about the OPTIMISM Platform and its Token OP

The main goal of the OPTIMISM platform is to increase the speed and scalability of the Ethereum network. Thanks to Optimistic Rollups technology, transaction costs are reduced by tens of times, while performance reaches 200-2000 transactions per second.

The blockchain’s virtual machine (OVM) does not verify each transaction for validity but operates according to the concept of “optimistic execution.” Security is achieved through two types of computational nodes — “sequencer” and verifiers.

By the way, a major updаte of the OPTIMISM main network, Bedrock, is planned for the near future. The event is scheduled for June 6th, during which transactions will be unavailable to users for 2 to 6 hours.

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