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The BTC2PAY team continues its active work to expand the exchange listing by adding the most current offerings to it.

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Today, the main focus of our news is the unique token XAUT, which combines modern technology with the historical tradition of storing savings in gold.

Gold standard on BTC2PAY

Stablecoins have long been favored by users for their market volatility resistance and broad investment opportunities. But one cryptocurrency from the family of stablecoins is particularly attractive, and that is Tether Gold.

Historically, during times of financial turmoil, people who invested in precious metals were able to preserve their capital. In our time, such a resource on one hand provides a sense of stability, but on the other hand, it does not reveal the prospects of other directions that the world of cryptocurrency opens up to us.

Tether Gold gives its holders the right to own real physical gold, or more precisely, a specific gold bar weighing one ounce according to the London Good Delivery standard. The coins can be freely transferred within the Ethereum blockchain.

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