Заявки на выплату UAH и KZT, созданные в ночное время, будут переданы в обработку в 9:00 по Киеву

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In accordance with regulatory requirements and to comply with applicable laws and regulations, the BTC2PAY service does not provide services to citizens and residents of the United States of America.

About termination of cooperation

Due to this policy, we have taken the following measures:

Access to our exchange service will soon be blocked for users with IP addresses in the USA.

Additionally, we are unable to accept verification requests that involve the use of US documents. If a user submits a verification request with a US passport or other US document, we are required to block their account and reject further requests. All accounts that have undergone the verification process with US documents in the past will also be blocked.

These actions are necessary to ensure a secure trading environment for all our users. Compliance with these rules is closely monitored.

BTC2PAY Customer Support Chat

If you have any questions regarding this notification or our services, please contact our customer support.

We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for choosing BTC2PAY for cryptocurrency exchange.

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21.06.2024, 23:36