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BTC2PAY service has been included in the listing of the popular monitoring platform, Obmify. We are genuinely thrilled about this development, as Obmify exclusively collaborates with verified and trusted exchangers – a testament to the recognition of our service among the best.

listing on obmify monitoring

We are confident that tracking exchange rates, exploring other users’ experiences, and sharing your own feedback about our service will now become even more convenient.

Throughout our nearly 6 years in the cryptocurrency conversion market, we have learned that building trust with users is achieved through communication and attentiveness to their feedback. The BTC2PAY team has long chosen this path of development, and being listed on Obmify is another step towards our goal.

Your opinions matter greatly to us! We invite you to share your thoughts and help us improve our services.

Special thanks to the Obmify team for the collaboration!

BTC2PAY – every exchange matters!

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08.12.2023, 05:12